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Working Sabbatical

October 2021 - April 2022

A sabbatical is a period of reflection, exploration, redefinition and renewal that may correspond with transitional periods in adult life. The “working” in this “working sabbatical” makes the experience inclusive of other responsibilities from which you cannot and should not remove yourself during this period. 

You may be tired and burned-out. You may be bored or restless. You may have a spark of something else that you want to pursue, but are unsure of what to do with it. Or something else…. More broadly, you may sense that you have some catching up to do with yourself. You may sense that the habits and patterns of your life, including how you work and rest, how you connect with others and make your own way, aren’t working as they once did or seem unsustainable going forward. You may sense that the deeper vitality that energizes your engagement with the world needs renewal or more focus or something else that isn’t obvious right now. You may simply be sitting with questions, even (so far) unspeakable ones about what’s next, given the constraints that you face when considering options.

Based on your desires, your working sabbatical will be personalized to your context and needs, with consultative support from faculty guides. In this sabbatical’s format, you‘ll be learning alongside others taking their own journeys.

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