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Restoring Energy and Thriving in a Challenging World

August 27 or 29 (Aug 30 in NZ and Australia)

For most of us, the last year has taken us to our edges. Many of us are overloaded, stretched and tired…even exhausted. Does this resonate for you? Are you wanting something to help you refresh, with newfound energy and vitality? Are you looking for–no longing for–a way to change the game?

Modern life is challenging enough on its own for any of us.  Add to that a year of Covid crisis and lockdowns, as well as heightened economic, social and political tensions from many sources, and many of us are seeking a way to truly experience a shift and refresh.

Come join us for a 3.5 hour, highly experiential session to access the wisdom of the body. This program is available to all and requires no previous experience. It will help you see the bigger system of you, introduce you to embodied sensing (or extend your previous experience), and help you face the complexity in your professional and/or private life.

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