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Psychologically Spacious Coaching

September to October 2021

For coaches, this workshop will show you new ways of using developmental ideas throughout a coaching engagement

What you’ll discover

Using developmental ideas will allow you to ask different questions and support your clients in new ways – without actually conducting a complete Growth Edge Interview or preparing a formal report. Instead, you’ll explore ways you can weave Growth Edge ideas throughout your conversations with clients to find the subject/object distinctions in the way clients experience particular dilemmas. The information you gather will to help expand the solution space for your clients.

Like all of our workshops, you’ll practice as you learn, exploring your own sensemaking as you understand the sensemaking of others.

This module also includes discussion and practice of specific coaching approaches that might be helpful with clients who seem to be in particular developmental transitions.

Who should come

Coaches who are looking for new ways to ask questions and support your clients, and who have already been through Conversations at the Growing Edge (this is a prerequisite).



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