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Conversations at the Growing Edge

August to October 2021

Among the many challenges of contemporary leadership is the constant state of flux. Many leaders wake up each morning to discover that not only have things changed, but what they knew to be true, what they understood about how the world worked, is no longer sufficient to address the day’s challenges.
Growth Edge Coaching’s introductory workshop will help you discover new ways to support your clients, and perhaps even yourself.

What you’ll discover

This is a place of curiosity, listening, and questioning. You’ll learn how to ask questions – and listen to the answers – in a different way. With this new approach, you’ll see how people make sense of their world and how they understand their own stories.

This is exploring the Growth Edge, and you’ll discover how you can support your clients as they make developmental shifts, and help them transform their stories and beliefs about what’s possible.

You’ll also explore this in yourself, through deep conversations and interviews with each other, paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, and sensations, and considering your own meaning-making.

Who should come?

Coaches and other support professionals who are ready to find new ways to support clients – and maybe even yourself.

This workshop qualifies for ICF credits.



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